Gibbs Farm

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"A very distinctive property for an alternative type of safari, which can be especially for families. Not top-tier luxury but exceptional service, fantastic activities (beyond game drives) and a cosy place to stay for a few days. Definitely not for everyone, but could be perfect for some."

Stay at the Gibbs Farm

Wake to magical views across Tanzania’s plains. Take breakfast on your verandah and dip in the pool. Forget about rushing into your safari activities. Take your time, because Gibbs Farm provides a different type of safari experience. It’s one of Tanzania’s oldest guesthouses, a working farm, a hub for cultural experiences, and it’s located between three exceptional national parks (Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Lake Manyara). This isn’t a luxury camp surrounded by animals, where your day is purely safari. Instead, Gibbs Farm is a comfortable and cosy base to spend a few days doing a little safari, plus a lot of other interesting experiences.


Halfway between Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater, plus within easy reach of Tarangire. Unlike other camps, Gibbs Farm isn’t located in an area rich with wildlife. However, it’s a base to do safari day trips to these three famous national parks. And the surrounding landscapes are spectacular.


This is a guesthouse and farm, not a camp, with accommodation in private cottages dotted throughout the property. All are cute and spacious, although the style will be a little old fashioned for some (the property was originally built by German settlers in 1929). There are two larger houses with higher level furnishings that will suit families of four.

Who is it for

If you don’t like the idea of 5am alarm calls and busy days on safari then Gibbs Farm is a great alternative. If you want to experience more of Tanzania than just the animals then this is the place. The more varied program possible at Gibbs Farm can be great for families in particular. We recommend three nights as a minimum, ideally four or more, as the advantage of Gibbs Farm is that you can safari in different parks, without needing to move accommodation.

Amenities & Activities

Do safari day trips to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire national parks. Walk to a waterfall and mountain bike in the Rift Valley. Meet the Hadzabe tribe. Experience the surreal Lake Eyasi. Discover how coffee is made on the farm. You can spend a week here and not do everything, but it’s the people you will remember the most. The service at Gibbs Farm is phenomenal - it’s truly a place where you leave as friends.

Do you like Gibbs Farm?

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