Hagia Sophia Private Night Tour


Over 1,500 years the Hagia Sophia has seen some changes, first a church, then a mosque, then a museum and now a mosque once more. Whatever its denotation one thing remains constant, this fascinating, miraculous building remains one of the world’s most awe-inspiring cultural landmarks.

Visiting at night with our private experience allows guests to marvel at this architectural wonder without the distraction of the daily bustle. While grand on a scale hard to comprehend, many of the true joys of the Hagia Sophia are in the subtle details. The mosaics and paintings require time and freedom from crowds to truly savour and appreciate.

Walking the hallowed ground under the basilica with a knowledgeable guide is a must. With so many years of history, so many twists and turns in the building's storied past, it’s essential to have someone with you to unlock the mysteries hidden to all but the trained eye.

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