Cappadocia Valley Private Dining

The fairytale valleys and storybook vistas of Cappadocia make it one of the most romantic and unique destinations on the planet. A private dining experience in the heart of this landscape will be a moment that lives with you both for a lifetime.

With the fairy chimneys as a stunning backdrop, indulge in innovative Anatolian cuisine, served up by a private chef in a secret location. Design your dining experience. Whether a champagne breakfast at sunrise with the magical vision of a hundred balloons rising slowly above, or candle-lit cocktails while a violinist serenades you under the moonlit sky.

There are three options to choose from. 1. Private dinner in Love Hill, a hidden valley that combines privacy with stunning scenery. 2. Private dinner in Maara Konak, a sublime private mansion with both indoor and outdoor setting should the weather turn against you. 3. Private dinner in a hidden part of the Museum Hotel’s terrace with a view over the valley below.

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