Private Gallery Tour with a Madrid Artist


The wealth of art that makes up Madrid opens before you. Beside a local expert, prepare to unravel with a new lens. Your companion is a prominent Spanish painter and art professor. Long-nurtured over many years, his speciality lies in the realm of fine arts.

Take to the streets together and explore the creative scene. The Prado and Reina Sofia Museums are just some of the venues on the day’s checklist. These gallery spaces are prestigious and unique. They house the nation’s masterpieces, hence on a tour as exclusive as this, there’s so much to be gained from a guided visit.

Engage in critical discussions and insightful exchange. Discover the history behind the pieces that catch your eye. As you scan again in search of cultural codes and clues, you notice patterns, consistency, and the story within the frame. Distinguish between their beauty and meaning. Immerse yourself in exhibitions that capture Spanish spirit at its core.

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