Authentic Paella Masterclass


Immerse yourself in the flavours of authentic paella, on a masterclass exploring the history of this internationally renowned dish. A rice plate originating from the fields of Valencia, today you can expect to find this speciality all over Spain.

This is a workshop that will get your taste buds tingling, but the smells and textures that await will awaken more than one sense. Try your hand at traditional techniques in the company of expert chefs. Together, work through original recipes, diving into the customs and varieties that make up this adored national dish.

Though there are many versions of paella, it takes something special to capture its most refined taste. Fresh produce and ingredients are the first step. Passion from the cook comes next, however regional secrets undoubtedly grant more flair. Experiment with this insider knowledge, before enjoying an intimate homemade feast with your fellow food enthusiasts.

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