The Bordelais Cannelé - An Intimate Cooking Class

Pastry lovers and aspiring bakers, have we got the culinary adventure for you. The setting is Bordeaux, which needs no introduction. Explore the art of cannelés in the heart of this enchanting town. An intimate cooking experience into this adored scalloped dessert awaits.

This is a private workshop available year-round, where you will celebrate the heritage of this iconic pastry in the company of an expert chef. Together, immerse yourself in the cake’s chewy and tender texture. Sample its sweet caramel aromas until the flavour’s just right.

Next comes the satisfying part: trying your creation. The end result glistens as you take your first bite. A soft, custardy warmness melts into your taste buds. You devour it down with a crisp glass of wine, thinking back to the secrets your chef mentor told you. These little hacks stay with you, as do the authentic moments shared. They form the perfect Bordelais momento, alongside a classic recipe you’ll be able to recreate long after you leave.

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