Lascaux Cave - Enchanting Private Visit


Nestled near the village of Montignac is a network of prehistoric tunnels and caves. Officially known as Lascaux, over 600 parietal images colour these ancient corridors. Paintings range from animals to local fauna. Together, they date back an estimated 17,000 years.

Commence your exploration from Bordeaux, where a local guide will meet you where you’re staying. The drive passes by pleasurably, as you exchange personal stories. Before you know it, you’re entering this unique UNESCO site. Observe aged drawings as you stumble upon them. Analyse their meaning, their symbols and the suspected story behind the art.

Far from being a common doodle, the pieces show great detail. However, it’s not just 2D sketches you’ll find. Sculptures and engravings, too, adorn these walls, with shadows that suddenly enliven shapes into 3D. This masterful documentation remains a mystery, with countless generations attempting to decipher the cause. On this private, full-day visit, you can reach your own verdict, unpacking the puzzle leisurely at your own pace.

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