Fashionable Paris - Bespoke Shopping Tours

Welcome to the fashion capital of the world, and uncover exactly why Paris earns this title. Picture an exclusive selection of luxury shopping tours, each experience a distinct opportunity to venture behind-the-scenes.

You could spend your morning in the presence of an artisan at his workshop, an encounter that reveals true insight into his modish trade. Together, design your dream haute couture garment, an exceptional souvenir to boast back home. Or follow the lead of a local retail expert, as she takes you to hidden fashion houses and traditional French boutiques.

How does afternoon tea with a Parisian fashion designer sound, followed by an evening in front of the fireplace of a cosy jazz bar? Learn all about your companion’s creative process. Discuss the city’s most iconic styles, as you sip on a crisp and sumptuous drink. This is a first-class snippet into a legendary industry. Combine more than one unforgettable experience, or pay homage to this chic culture by crafting your own bespoke tour.

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