Dazzling Paris - Luxury Jewellery Experiences

Discover the secret world of jewellers, with a private luxury experience into Paris’ sought after gems. This is opulence reincarnated into statement pieces. Hidden within each rare amulet and trinket is a story waiting to be told.

Choose from a selection of tours that celebrate French heritage. For instance, you could start your day roaming the iconic Place Vendôme. This dazzling square holds a very royal history. Enjoy insider access to its fashionable houses beside a local guide. Your escort is an expert of ancient heirlooms. Listen as he goes into detail about each precious stone.

Alternatively, tea with an heiress could be your first encounter. This time, your companion belongs to a highly reputable family estate. Sat reclined in her chic Parisian apartment, she happily reveals the tales of her lineage’s legacy. Browse through the personal collections of a jewellery designer next, his ambient studio and creative process an intimate snippet only few get to know.

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