Stunning Ice Caves Visit in Werfen

Welcome to the wonderful world of Werfen, where ice caves span the size of giants and are known to be among the largest on the globe. These glassy walls are quite the spectacle. They jut out in striking shapes yet seem almost peaceful, serendipitously frozen in time.

This is a full day tour comprising 6 hours of exploration. Available from May to October, the excursion typically departs from Salzburg, with a personal pick-up straight from your hotel. The hour-long drive to the caves passes marvellously, amid dramatic Alps backdrops and a brilliant local guide. His company is optional, but promises to add authentic insight.

High above the town of Werfen, Austria’s steepest gondola lift waits to take you up. Arrive at the mouth of a cave system ranging 42km, before venturing into the mountain where the rest of the network sits. Traditional mine lamps in hand, you roam through glistening formations. Their crystalline beauty is hard to compare. Your guided visit in this frosty palace will last 70 minutes. During this time, warm clothing and comfortable shoes are an absolute must.

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