Red Bull Hangar 7 with Optional Fine Dining

Nestled within the dazzling city of Salzburg is Hangar-7, an immersive Red Bull Aircraft Museum. As you step into this interactive world of aviation, choose to explore the exhibit space at your own leisure, or browse these mesmerising jet displays beside an expert guide.

Beyond the doors of this contemporary attraction is the personal collection of billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, where modern to historic flying machines make your acquaintance one by one. They are accompanied by specialty helicopters that hold your attention, and the iconic Red Bull race cars.

Once you’ve had your fill of aeronautical discovery, head on up to the floor above. For it is here that the reputable Ikarus restaurant lies, with its exciting guest chef design. A concept entirely unique to the Hangar, they host a new top chef each month. Combine your visit with this distinct dash of fine dining, serving variety, high quality and dishes full of surprise.

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