Enlivening Waltz Class at Vienna’s Elmayer Dance School

Submit to the graceful twists and turns of Waltz, in a classical lesson at the Elmayer Dance School. Nestled in the heart of Vienna, this is the capital’s oldest dance academy. Its prestige has passed the test of time and remains world-renowned.

This is a private class in the company of a local expert, welcoming all levels of skill. Available all year round, your professional tuition can be arranged in multiple languages. Surrender to the symphony of notes that arise, by assembling in close procession beside your instructor. Feel the power and prowess laced into each move, as you begin to step and slide to the chords.

Your mentor’s experience is evident from the way she guides you. Her etiquette is poiseful, and her composure refined. With every new technique she teaches comes a snippet into Viennese ball culture. This is the most exclusive way to enjoy the smoothness of Waltz, for these were the very streets from which the dance first appeared. Savour each authentic moment, alongside a special final performance you won’t forget.

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